Dating A Doctor? Why Not?

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Dating A Doctor? Why Not?Everyone certainly has a view of their ideal partner, in terms of appearance to the profession. Of course, you want to have an established partner so you have a stable life. Criteria for the dream of each person are certainly different. Some want to have a handsome/lovely couple, have lots of money, are younger / older, or who have a well-known profession. Some professions that are interesting include businessmen, police/army, lawyers, and doctors. Despite the dream profession, some people are still reluctant to establish relationships with people who are professionals. The profession is a job that requires a lot of time and focus. This makes some people hesitate for fear of not getting attention from their partners. Doctors are also included in cool jobs. Saving someone's life from an illness or accident, is there anything cooler than them? But some circles are still hesitant to establish relationships with doctors. Set aside reasons for not having time to date, here are some of the benefits you get if you dating a doctor.

1. They will also pay attention to your health. A doctor automatically realizes the importance of health for the body, not least your health, the people they care about.

2. Free consultation. If you are dating a doctor and have a health problem, you don't need to bother to see a doctor. He will advise on what you should do.

3. They can understand your busy life. Because they are doctors who have a busy schedule, they will understand your busy life, if you also have a solid routine. They will not protest or will not be angry, and also will not bother you if you are busy in your work.

Every day a doctor is never separated from long hours of work, hard work and a lot of stress. They rarely have time to go to clubs, social events, or just to hang out. Some even cannot leave their workplaces because there are still many patients who cannot be left. Therefore many doctors end up using doctor dating sites or doctor dating apps to find love. You don't have to use a doctor dating site specifically to find single doctors. Many dating platforms that cater to high-income earners often have special pages for dating doctors. You can easily find single doctors everywhere. Apart from doctor dating sites, you can also find other online dating sites such as lawyer dating sites, widow dating sites, widower dating sites, etc.